Many years ago, Bert, Joe, John & Logan were born. They grew up in Memphis, San Francisco, New Jersey, and Toronto. In 2012, they met in New York City and formed "The Post". It was not a newspaper. It was a rock band.

The Post played its first show at The Delancey, LES. "10am Automatic" by The Black Keys opened the set, and The Post played it well. Then the band unveiled its first original, "When It's Done", followed by a jam called "Frog". It sounded nice and they'd do it again.

The band went on to Canal Room, The Local 269, and regular appearances at Sullivan Hall. But those venues folded under the pressure of New York rent. In search of a new gig, The Post explored places like Pianos, Paper Box, The Sloppy Tuna, and Rockwood Music Hall. Ultimately, the band found a new home at Arlene's Grocery. The room was loud, lights weren't too bright, and the stage was right. The Post played there many a late night, for a long loose set, or sometimes two.

After three years of playing, writing, and jamming, the band recorded its first EP, "Bootstrap", released October 2015. It consists of 4 songs that are 100% free-range, non-GMO, self-mixed and mastered. Concurrently, The Post changed its name to Expost, and the same old band became a brand new band.

Today, Expost is joined by longtime friend and collaborator Ben on the drums. You can find Expost online, in the cloud, or back at Arlene's on special occasion. Every summer, the band and its pilgrims head to Amagansett, NY, to play at The Stephen Talkhouse. Expost fans are loyal, mobile, and thirsty. We invite you to join them.